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VVV Duitse Veluwe / Ketelwald  /  Reichswald                          
Reichswald / Ketelwald
This undiscovered 5000 hectare of forest between Utrecht and Köln, or more precisely between Nijmegen and Kleve has both Holland and Germany on offer.
* green oasis with forest, rivers, lakes, and farmland.
* excellent local food, sauna and wellness
* golf, hiking, cycling, canoeing and other outdoor activities:
* families: 4 zoo’s, forest climbing, swimming in-/outdoor
* recharge your batteries, pilgrim route, light a candle at Kevelaer
* Roman culture, WWII sites and 1st Neanderthal finding spot
* shop till you drop in Oberhausen, Nijmegen or Kleve
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This forest grows on  the most Southern ice age relict in Europe. The massive ice sheets forced river like the Rhine to go West. During this period (30-10.000 years ago) Mammoths roamed the land and our ancestors walked among the older Neanderthal men. The first find of these Neanderthal men is nearby and worth a visit. The landscape is varied with forest, wetlands, rivers, lakes and farmland. The forest houses Red deer, wild boar, foxes and many others. Er zit volop wild, waaronder Edelherten, Reeën, Wilde zwijnen en Vossen.  Hundreds of thousand of wild geese survive the winter in the wetlands nearby. 2000 years ago the Romans had their Northernmost border. Remains where found not far from our cottage. During WWII this area was the scene of heavy fighting. We like you to get to know this unique area with all its leisure possibilities.

Leisure possibilities
We categorized over 80 possibilities below. Most sites do have an English section. If not  ask us for information. This information varies from nature & landscape, country life, birds of prey, outdoor activities like: hiking, cycling, canoeing, horseback riding, walking with donkeys etc. A lot of kids fun:  4 zoo’s, in-&outdoor swimming pool, beach and lakes, ice cream, French fries, play grounds with animals. Musea portrait country life, Romans, WWII. If your body needs holidays, use sauna and wellness possibilities together with excellent restaurants with local dishes. Numerous shopping possibilities including the largest mall of Western Europe at Oberhausen. And of course practical info car and bike rental, medical care and car for handicapped (our ground floor is adjusted to handicapped people. Please tell us if you need more info. We like to help!

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