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About us

We have a passion for living in the countryside with nature and animals. After years of wandering we finally found our home in Kessel, Germany. Space, tranquillity and green wherever you look.

Bustling citylife, chasing around the clock is not our style.
We say: Less (stress) is More (quality of life). Of course we too have internet and tv. Real peace however we find walking along the river, in the woods or working in our garden. Green balm for the soul.

Kids know this intuitively. Lock them up and they become restless. Give them a few yards ouside and they entertain themselves for hours. And that is our joy: bringing people and especially kids into contact with nature and through that with themselves.  And what place is more suited than this green acre near woods and river.

Our place
When we ride home after work, work stress disappears and holiday begins, Cross the river, through the glacial landscape, of woods, meadows and farmland. At home our animals greet us each in their own way. Next we enjoy the view of the river. At evenings we can endlessly count stars and watch the fire-flies, now that is holiday!

Story of riverwood cottage
Baron Romberg had no children when he died. So he left part of his estate to his poor gamekeeper, who divided this land among his children, Those children built there own house on a 1, 5 hectare piece of land near the river. Later they left it to a niece. This niece could not bear all the maintenance work and sold it to us before anyone knew it was for sale. Sheer luck…

The landscape is built on the remains of the ice ages about 30.000 years ago. Layers of more than 100 m of ice pushed up sand, wich forced the river Niers to flow into the Meusse instead of the Rhine. Remains of Mammoth are still found and indeed the first Neanderthaler was found in this corner of Germany

More recent we find the allied forces, who forced a breakthrough at exacly this point after the failure of “a bridge too far” at Arnhem, Holland. Emperor Otto III who was born in the woods near Kessel and who´s sister started the nearby monastry of Grafenthal. 2000 years back the Romans walked along the river as this was their northernmost boundery in Germany. Established after the Roman army was defeated by German tribals led by Hermann (Varus Schlacht) in the Teutoburgerwald.

By choosing us, you choose green tourism!
In our holy economy time is money and everything has to go faster, bigger, more.
The financial crisis confirms that this system cannot last, but you already knew that.
With us (re-)discover that less and slow can be better. And you are not alone.
The world wide SLOW movement has come from this inner feeling. Originally a reaction to fast-food.
Our slogan is: Less (stress) = More (quality of life)

Our part
Over half of our meat and vegetables we produce locally. We do not use artificial fertiliser nor pesticides. What we eat is grown 100 meters from our plates.
The garden is fertilised by natural dung and compost from our plant material. Wood is burned in our heater in wintertime. That way our rubbish is greatly reduced. Our toilets have a water saving button and all the taps and douches a water saving mesh. The house is isolated which provides for a comfortable climate as well as reducing need for heating or cooling. You will have to search well to find an old light bulb, the rest are energy saving lamps.  

Your part
You already booked green tourism. But can do more if you feel like it.
Use public transport, especially if you travel light. We can arrange to pick you up from the nearest railway station in the Netherlands or Germany. Even if you come by car: No need to use it at our place: bikes are for rent and there are ample opportunities for walking, bicycle riding and so on.  
Electricity is billed separately so you can save money by using less.
Turn off the heating and devices of you are going out, close the curtains, shower for 10 minutes.
Many of our guests come for space, tranquillity and green. They enjoy the sun, the fresh air, a walk through the forest and so on. How much greener can pleasure be?
Regional food
Your banana comes from Costa Rica, your orange from Israel and your Lamb-steak from Australia. How many kilometres of transport to reach your plate?
Nearby are delicious alternatives! Enjoy a fresh asparagus meal. This means: harvested 100 m from your restaurant one day ago. Or local game or goose  from October-January.  Try and taste the difference!

Starts with our animals: limping Nelis (rooster), Glu-Glu (Turkey), Anna, Hanna and Johanna (Mini sheep from a Breton Island, Ouessant) and of course Petra, our talking goat.
Because of the varied landscape with, lakes, rivers, woods, meadows and fields there are lots of wild animals to be found red squirrel, hedgehog, Deer, Fox, Marten, cormorant, kingfisher, little owl, tawny owl, common buzzard, northern goshawk, Eurasian sparrow hawk, wood pigeon, stock dove, turtle dove, various butterflies, dragonflies, amphibians and lizards In the surrounding woods you can find Red deer, wild boar, fox and so on.

For a taste of nature (birds nests in spring) see beleefdelente.

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